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Bradford White Water Heaters

Bradford White is proud to offer the Defender Safety System, a combustion technology that resists the ignition of flammable vapors that can occur outside of the water heater. The Defender Safety System” was designed to meet the new AmericaNational Standards Institute’s [ANSI] standard for residential gas water heaters.The Bradford White defender Safety System maintains outstanding efficiency, a longe service life and very low NOx emissions. Best of all it provides maintenance free operation whilemeeting stringent ANSI standard for residential gas atmospheric and power vented water heaters.
How The Safety System Works
ResearchClipDuring normal operation, air for combustion is drawn into the water heater through the opening in the jacket This air travels down and around the combustion chamber and enters through holes in the very bottom of the corrosion- resistant combustion chamber. The air then travels up through
the oriented flame arrestor plate louvers, where the velocity of the air is increased and its direction altered. The air then mixes in a normal manner with the supplied gas and is efficiently combusted, producing very low NOx emissions.The heart of Bradford White’s Defender Safety System” is the flame arrestor design of the patented ScreenLok Technology. This precise engineered and manufactured component is made of a stainless steel alloy and contains up to eighteen thousand, geometrically oriented louvers. These micro-dimensioned louvres increase the velocity of incoming air to the system. If flammable vapors enter this uniquely designed system and are ignited, a vector effect occurs inside of the combustion chamber.The combination of high velocity air entering the chamber and the vector effect caused by combustion will prevent any flames present in the chamber from traveling backwards through the flame arrester plate and outside of the water heater. In the case where trace amounts of flammable vapors are present in the air flowing into the combustion chamber, the vapors are harmlessly ignited by the burner/pilot flame. If flammable vapors are in sufficient quantity to prevent normal combustion the burner/pilot flame is shut down. Should the flammable vapors continue to the burner, the flame arrestor plate prevents the flames from traveling backwards and igniting vapors outside of the combustion chamber. The Bradford White Defender Safety System” was engineered to be the safest, most reliable flammable vapor resistant system in the industry.This design has been life-cycle tested in Bradford White’s state-of-the-art R&D facility, an independent laboratory, and has also undergone extensive field testing.
Bradford White is proud to introduce to you our new FVIR compliant Through-the-Wall models. Not only did we design a new combustion and control system, we took the opportunity to upgrade the blower
motor, too. The TTW Defender Safety System* product features a new spark-to-pilot ignition and an integrated immersion gas control valve with an LED indicator to assist in troubleshooting. We’ve also included an electronic sensor that prevents operation if flammable vapors are detected.Our new blower design has higher torque for better resistance to outside winds and the power to eliminate problems with difficult venting situations. It also features a bearing that runs much cooler for longer life and reduced noise. Overall, you can count on the same high operational efficiency you’ve come to expect from our TTW line-up.