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Prestige Water Heater


Prestige2The Prestige uses a microprocessor electronic control module that automatically adjusts blower speed and gas flow rate to modulate boiler firing rate to closely match boiler output to space heating or DHW heating demand.

The module responds to signals from the room thermostat, supply and return water temperature sensors, flue temperature sensor, domestic hot water aquastat and outdoor temperature sensor.

Prestige3High grade stainless steel burner uses pre-mixed air and gas Droviding a 25°o to 100°o modulating firing rate.

The Prestige burner features a long life, quiet operation, reliable spark ignition, and clean combustion for low NOx applications.

PrestigeHeatExchangerUnique geometry 3 consecutive battles direct water flow through the exchanger and around the combustion chamber for uniform heat transfer. Highest water content in the industry – Stable temperature control- Less sensitive to water flow439 Grade Stainless Steel.
Unparalleled resistance to corrosion
Less sensitive to sludge
Self cleaning: condensate washes combustion residue away when streaming down the tubes resulting in a constant efficiency and reduced maintenance
Low pressure drop

Prestige4A4-digit user’s Interface Module is provided to display system operating status and fully adjustable parameter values as well as diagnostic codes for easy troubleshooting and optimum system performance.